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Collapsible Nylon Cat Training Tube


Cats and small dogs are going to love this fun training tube.  With five tubes all connecting to a central section that has whole in its top, your pet will love jumping around in this and exploring to their heart’s content.  A great way to get your pet moving and enjoying some interactive play time, this will be a great option if you have a puppy or kitten that seems to require all sorts of exercise and play.

This play tunnel can easily be packed up and made mobile so that you’ll be able to bring the fun with you.  It’s also easily cleaned in case of spills.  It’s durable yet lightweight to make sure the fun never ends for your pet on the move!

  • Large tube with many entrances and exits for pets to enjoy some fun
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Great for pairing with other toys and enhancing exercise and stimulation
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