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Electronic Peek-A-Boo Pet Toy


This is a unique toy that is going to loved by cats and dogs.   With a small footprint, this electronic toy will use an internal turntable to move the fuzzy wand around the inside of the toy.  It will spin and poke the stick out every so often in certain holes to get your pet’s attention and get it moving around the disc, trying to figure it out (and catch it).

Refreshingly simple and great for those pets that like smart toys, this is going to help entertain fussy pets when you’re gone and it also acts as a wonderful toy to bring along with you, with it being so compact and lightweight.  Both cats and dogs will enjoy the challenge of this toy.

  • Turntable keeps the wand moving from side to size
  • Great interactive toy for cats or dogs that get bored easily
  • Compact and easy to bring with you everywhere that you go
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