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Small Stainless Steel Pet Collar ID Tag

None of us want to every think about about pets getting lost, but it does happen even to the best pet parents.  If you are looking for a way to make sure that they can always get home again, this small Collar ID tag is going to be the best option for that.  This is a small tube that will secure tightly to the collar just like a normal ID tag, but it uses a tube to hold the information instead of a classic tag itself.

This doesn’t get chipped, scratched or faded over time, unlike traditional tags.  With a weather-tight screw-on cap, this will help keep your dog protected as far as identity much better than a classic tag.  This is also lightweight so that our pet won’t be weighed down by a heavy tube that gets in the way.  Discreet yet there when you need it, this is the answer to making sure your pet can get home again should he need to.

  • Lightweight stainless steel that your pet won’t notice
  • Effectively to keep your dog properly identified as needed
  • Durable and weather-resistant for maximum trust and use
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