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Microfibre Ultra Soft Hot Dog Shaped Pet Bed

You’ve got to give your pet the best of everything and we get that.  That’s why this fun hot dog bed is going to be the perfect must-have both for your photo ops as well as for the comfort of your dog.  Shaped like a hot dog bun, there is relish-coloured microfibre lining on the inside that is going to be silky smooth and insanely soft and comfortable for even the fussiest pet.  Stating “Hot dog” on the outside, this will look great, feel amazing for your pet, and be their go-to spot for your dog to lounge throughout the day.

With a removable lining for easy wash and care, this bed will be great for dogs, cats and anyone else who wants somewhere cushioned to relax.  Between its cute design and comfortable padding, the only question that remains is: who’s going to love it more?  You, for its adorable shape, or your dog, for its top quality comfort? 

  • Ultra soft bed for those fussy pets that like only the best
  • Fun writing and cartoon design for great social media posts
  • Great day lounger for the bedroom or living room for your pet
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