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At HapiPetz, we show pets and their owners love, care and attention every step of the way. Our mission is to promote responsible pet ownership by offering educational content and products for you, and your pet. We also actively donate our time and expertise to animal organizations in need. 

To us, animals are everything. Some of our best friends have been animals. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or any other type of pet, every animal brings something special to the table. The problem is, responsible pet ownership isn’t as easy as it seems, and sometimes animals aren’t achieving their full potential because their owners aren’t doing all of the right things to promote growth.

 We’re here to change that.

 We specialize in bringing you the best informational guides, tips, tricks, and content to teach you how to be the best pet parent for your furry friend. We also have a huge selection of products available to take the stress and hassle out of everyday life with your pet.

 With years of experience in the corporate world, we decided it was time for a change. Although we have years of experience in technical work, we also bring lots of experience raising animals too. We decided that the best way to share this knowledge was through HapiPetz, and the company was born in February 2019.

  We have been overwhelmed with the response to our guides, information, and the products we offer on our site. We want everybody to have a wonderful experience raising their pet and we hope that with our help, you can form a stronger, healthier relationship with your furbaby. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more in the future!

 - Don & Linette, HapiPetz Founders         Eclipse & Phantom, Our Furbabies


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