Microchip VS GPS Tracker: What does your dog really need?

Microchips for dogs are not to be mistaken with GPS tracking devices. This article will explain why it’s not possible to keep track of your dog by relying only on a microchip for dogs and why your dog needs both a microchip and a dog tracking device – Tractive GPS Tracker – to be safe.


Microchips for dogs: uses and limitations

Chipping your dog is legally required in many countries. The reason? If your lost dog is found, an equipped vet can identify the owner by simply reading the 15-digit ID microchip, on which sensitive data is saved. But while you are on the search for your missing dog, the microchip for dogs is of no help.

The microchip for dogs is used to locate the dog’s owner, should a lost dog be found again. That’s why if you want to prevent your dog from going missing, you should be looking at the best solution to keep track of your dog in real time.

The microchip is about 11 – 14 mm long and 2 – 2.2 mm thick. The microchip is implanted under the animal’s skin with a syringe that goes between its shoulder blades. The dog won’t feel any pain during the implantation process. It is with the use of an RFID device that your vet can read the microchip’s ID.


Dog tracking device: Tractive GPS for real-time location

The main difference is that the microchip becomes useful only when the lost dog is eventually found again. Tracking devices like the Tractive GPS Tracker, on the other hand, offer the possibility to track your dog in real time. For this reason, the Tractive GPS Tracker has often been a lifesaver. But maybe you think that a Bluetooth Tracker could also do the job. Do you know which are the differences between a GPS Tracker and a Bluetoooth Tracker? If you are looking for real-time tracking and precise positioning of your dog anywhere in the world, a GPS Tracker is what you need.

The GPS Tracker has all of these characteristics:

  • a high-quality GSM module
  • a GPS antenna
  • a LED-light
  • a loudspeaker
  • a battery pack

It will be thus unthinkable to integrate all these components into a microchip for dogs, which has the size of a rice horn and a single antenna. Considering the components, Tractive GPS is a small device. Nevertheless, we recommend the use of Tractive GPS on dogs with a starting weight of 4.5 kg (9 pounds).

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